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We have recently added a new must try item to the menu. This drink comes with 1 buzz button flower which provides a multisensory experience. First, you will need to eat the buzz button flower and then let the flower do its magic. You will feel a tingling sensation in your mouth that will enhance your taste buds.  Once activated try our delicious "Hidden Treasure" cocktail made with Cazadores, orange liquor, fresh squeezed lemon juice,  lime juice, agave nectar and ginger. This drink is delicious with or without the buzz button flower but it is an experience you don't want to miss.  Come to Swell Bar and ask our bartender for the "Hidden Treasure" Signature Cocktail. 

We are excited to welcome everyone back to the newly renovated Swell Bar! Now that the pandemic is in the rear view mirror, we hope to bring everyone together for laughs, sports and good conversation like the good ol' days! So come on down and enjoy a cold beer or cocktail because no good story ever started by having a salad.

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